Jorge Vargas had his 1st contact with martial arts around 1967 when he was 5 years old thru sneaking into his dad’s book shelves. There was this blue karate book that called his attention and which dad had told him not to touch. “When you grow up you’ll be able to read it ” he said.

His first Martial Arts lesson was when he was 8 or 9 years old and was thru the art of Judo and did it for the summer vacation.
After that, he became interested in martial arts, reading books and magazines and it wasn’t until he turned 12 when he started taking formal lessons being Kung fu this time and practiced it for about a year or so , when against his will he had to stop taking lessons due to the fact that his brothers didn’t want to continue the practice so Dad decided to also stop taking him to lessons.

Couple of years after, he started taking formal lessons again , a Kung fu style named Shuan fa ,a sort of Wu Shu like form and practice it diligently until the age of 21,when he decided to come the the US.
Not being able to find a Kung fu school by where he was living , Simi Valley CA, for about a year and a half he practice on his own until was introduced by friends to Sensei James Field in CA, where he started his karate path until today. Thru his affiliation with Shotokan Karate Do International Federation he’s been able to accomplish his 5th Degree Black Belt .

-Sensei Vargas has travel to different places around the world participating at World Championships as well as seminars and special trainings. He’s very passionate at teaching martial arts, so is something that he’s been doing for over 35 years.

Sensei Vargas currently holds a black belt under the SKIF (Shotokan Karate-do International Federation). One of the most prestigious and respected karate organizations in the world, whose chief instructor is Hirokazu Kanazawa, considered a living legend since being the last direct student alive from the person who introduced karate to the world, Master Gichin Funakoshi.

Sensei Vargas vast experience goes back to the early 1970’s, giving him more than 40 years in the martial arts, he has also traveled the world, participating in world tournaments, seminars, camps and special events.

His passion to teach the art can be felt in every one of his classes, earning him the appreciation and respect from his community in Miami.