At Brickell Karate we believe mannners should be instill at early age. Kids learn to be discipline trough manners . By addressing to your kids to be respectful and not to yell, speak loud, interrupt, but to say excuse me, sorry ,thank you , your welcome , hello , goodbye, you’ll see a more disciplined kid, individual, and also find  the connection of empathy with manners; something that psychologist believe it’s been lost in today’s society. They also believe that unfortunately the abuse of technology at early age and basically at every life stage plays an important roll in this matter. Kids, and of course we the adults, spend  a lot of time on our phones, iPads,  computers, creating a lack of communication with each other. This lack of interaction is making us become less sensitive towards each other,  affecting very significantly specially on our kids education process.

Humbleness is an important aspect in the martial arts . Politeness plays a role in humbleness . By being polite or well manner, you also become a more humble person.

You stop learning when you loose humbleness, because in order to learn, to grow, you need to admite that you don’t know. “You must approach, come with your empty cup”. So basically  there is an intrinsic connection here. They feed and reinforce each other. Is part of the process of becoming a better person; a person who cares not only about himself  but also about others. Like somebody once said , “a true martial artist likes to carry others and not so much to be carried”, building  that indomitable spirit, the need for helping will be always there. Manners promotes and manifest empathy and this will make us better civilians, therefore, become a true aid to society .


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